In my life: my Masters

These men and a woman baptized, fostered and mentored my spiritual and creative imagination and understanding :

Jerrold Maddox

....who taught a wonderful, light-filled studio art class and became my Independent Study mentor at Amherst College (which transformed a C+ indifference there to a world of visual imagination and a cum laude graduation) .  He was subsequently and very duplicitously black-balled by the head of the Art History department when his tenure decision came up.

Paul Caponigro

... who taught me darkroom fine work (alas now a thing of the past), large format camera, the Zone System and imagery.  Some of his work; page left and right at the little "View" link at the bottom right. I never saw his equal in black and white.  He looked like an Italian dock worker...but was a concert-level pianist, a Gurdjieff master and a man of delicacy and incredible perception. 

Rudi (Albert Rudolf)

...who showed me the way of kundalini yoga.  Without artifice, without dogma, without domination, without magic.  He manifested, hosted and gave away the experience of immanent godhead.  I had the enormous fortune to have my life run parallel to his for two years....being in his presence was like being in a room with thunderbolts.

...and my mother

...who has always been my exemplar of courage, love and the idomitable transcendence of spirit.  My father was pretty special too.  I speak of them both here

Such as these we can never repay, we can only pay it forward.