For Sale:

Original Mini (1973, updated to 1998 spec) 

The original, the real thing, 1500 pounds light and
the final Rover design with the Twin Point Injection
1.3 liter engine

 factory metallic purple, 30K orig miles, LHD (German Export), Computerised fuel injection, catalytic conveter
 (passes Euro emissions), factory coilpack ignition, factory immobilizer wireless remote, airbag, no rust, rally tire roof rack, driving lights,
MPH/KPH speedos,
Walnut Dash, OEM Smiths Oil Pressure Gauge. Aftermarket Engine stabilizer, air horns
in dash Pioneer cassette/FM/AM radio with remote (under back seat) CD changer, Roll Bar, Factory Driving Lights,
Aftermarket seat adapters to put seat further back for tall people, Wink Rear-View Mirror, Wiring for Valentine Radar Detector.
 Stronger Guessworks rebuild
Transmission/Diff (A+ Rod Change Gearbox, 2.7 Final Drive, Full Diff rebuild with Moly Diff pin Differential)

The most fun you can have driving short of a flying a biplane 50' off the ground!  Stiff like it was made out of bridge girder.
You don't drive this car, you strap it on.  Repeals inertia, makes flat 90 degree turns!
BRIGHT (like pools of incandescent mercury) Driving Lights come on with high beams: you own a lighthouse.
This car has serious attitude and is a fantastic chick magnet. 
Puts a silly grin on people's face until they see it go, then they really get excited.

Accept no substitutes...
The "new" BMW
faux Mini is a porker, nearly 60% heavier
This is the older, original Mini-Cooper, a true sports car and *not* a "daily driver".
It is not as safe or dependable as the new BMW Mini, but it's a hell of lot more fun.
As with all British sports cars, you must adapt to it and fuss with it, but it's worth it.
If you're any kind of driver, it's guaranteed to plaster an idiot grin across your face.
It's a cross between a car, go-cart and motorcycle.

$12,500. or best reasonable offer \

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Stewart Dean, 300 Ulster Landing Road Kingston, NY 12401

Many spares and performances upgrades uninstalled

Stage 2 head with high lift roller rocker arms and ported and smoothed intake manifold
Full length Stainless steel performance exhaust system with new oxygen sensor
Rear suspension anti-swaybar
Aluminum crankcase bash plate
Set finned aluminum brake drums for rear
Monte Carlo Rallye style (for spare tires) roof rack
8 Rover Mini factory Minilite 12" alloy wheels
2 new tires

New Rover Mini factory parts
Complete set of cooling hoses
ball joints and tie rod ends
brake pads (Kevlar disc front, drum rear)
4 set fuel and oil filter cartridges
New Coil Pack,
Set spark plugs and wire
Metric and Mile speedos
Hydraulic clutch and brake rebuild kits
wheel bearings
extra immobiliser radio key fob

Used parts
ECU computer
used Coil Pack and ignition parts
Complete second Engine/Tranny "lump"
System relays

Special Mini tools
Complete Factory manuals

Another image of it...all packed up in England to cross the pond

Reason for selling:

As my father had done with Bugattis (see below), I had hoped to pass mechanicing along to my son with this car, but he's not that sort of gearhead.
I haven't the time to give it the attention and flight time it deserves, so I am looking to pass it on to another pilot.

Complete with all the paperwork:

New York State Title (200KB JPEG)
New York State Registration(200KB JPEG)
Original British MOT title document (55K TIFF)
Original British MOT title document (500K TIFF)
Identity plate under the bonnet (hood) (230K JPEG)

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