My Parents' Legendary Parties

Dad was an ophthalmologist, and he used to get the neatest Christmas presents from the optical companies and optometrists he referred patients to (he was scrupulous in his business dealings as with everything else, so I'm sure he was even handed).  Sometime in the late '50's or very early '60's, we were gifted with a Polaroid camera.  These were relatively new, but far enough along that Polaroid had come out with ASA 3000 (very fast, very good for low light) film, and I, at age 13 and up, took these pictures of the parties.  I must point out that there were many parties, that I probably only took pictures at less than ten of them, and finally that, given the madcap spirit of these images and how difficult it is to capture such things........that these images are just a taste.  The parties were more spirited, more a feast of the mind and spirit than I've even captured here.
Everything my peers were doing was quite dull and tame by comparison....this was living!

A familiar sparkplug of these parties was Claire Gray: what outrageous sparkling gamine delight.   That's her with Dad in the two outside pictures, Jack Radow in the middle.  Through out these pictures, you'll catch glimpses of Dad's hat collection.  On the left, Dad's wearing a Viking helmet that he and Milton Metz got from the Met.



And, in the spirit of the hats, there were occasional costume parties.   Left and center are the Doctors (Bill and Mary) Furnish.  Bill had a wicked dry wit and a terrible predilection for setup gags, and Mary was his drawling foil, here Rommel meets Pocahontas.  Above on the right is Martin Wagner.