To the Editor:

Bush cares, the Republican party cares about the American citizens left jobless, homeless, ill and bankrupt by the hurricanes.  But that's all. You must understand, they don't want to DO anything for these victims.  They will exhort the country to charity, yes.  They will, I'm sure, pray for these victims, but they have no desire or plan to really bring relief to them.
See, they think government is bad, disaster relief is that liberal horror, an entitlement (in 2002, the head of FEMA said that in a Congressional hearing), and that people given governmental relief are at moral hazard.  It's apparently bad for the souls ofstorm victims for them to be helped, even though Jesus spoke of healing the sick and feeding the hungry. 

The great neo-conservative thinker, Grover Norquist, famously talked about shrinking government and then drowning it in the bathtub.  For sure, neoconservatism has suceeded, but it also drowned New Orleans, coastal Mississippi and a thousand or so Americans

The Republican Congress has grudgingly provided financial disaster relief, but, unlike similar financial disaster aid of the past 20 years, the aid will be a loan, not a grant.  Oh, and the financial cost of that gives the Bush crowd the pretext to cut Medicaid, public broadcasting, Amtrak, to eliminate environmental controls, which the conservatives hate and much, much more. 
So it is that people who survived the hurricanes are dying for lack of their medication: no temporary Medicaid benefits for the homeless, the destitute, those without papers.  Meanwhile, there are tax cuts for the rich and and the elimination of estate tax for the filthy rich like Paris Hilton.  This is what caring, compassionate conservatism boils down to: crocodile tears for the afflicted and obscene profits for the well-connected.

Have you noticed that local LA & MS labor and business has been bypassed in favor of big muti-national construction corporation like Halliburton?  The Halliburton rats are scurrying home from Iraq to feed on no-bid, no review contracts in our own Gulf.  Funny how we can blow 250 billion dollars, sacrifice thousands of dead and wounded and, in Bush's words, "bear any burden, pay any price" Iraq. 
But when it is our own tax-paying citizens dead and devastated, the Republicans have no
real plan, except for what they won't do.  We have lost not just two towers but a whole city, a whole coast! 

You'd think there would be a outcry, there would be nation-wide mourning and resolve, with all shoulders to the wheel, a rebuilding of our Gulf. You'd think our president would somehow rise to the challenge, make a 'Day of Infamy' speech and make a real difference.  Nope, Bush is trolling for photo-opportunities and yammering on about terrorism and Homeland Security. 
Newsflash: We lost a city and the coast of two states!  We couldn't even evacuate cities!  We. Have. Homeland. Insecurity.   The only player with the resources to turn things around is the nation itself, but its leadership is too busy looting America to preserve it.

And you'd think our country's industries would contribute their efforts and products at cost, maybe even free, as a patriotic contribution.  A very few, notably Wal-Mart.  The big companies, particularly the multinationals are at the trough, big time; to do anything else would be a failure of thier duty to their shareholders...and their CEOs' bonus plans.

Devil take the hindmost.  *He's* much in evidence...particularly among the righteous.  Mourn for New Orleans, for the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts, and for America.  The can-do country can't or won't.